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Introduction to #StayTuned

Hi Event Grads! 👋

My name is Natalia, but my friends call me Nat. I moved to Edinburgh in 2019, to follow my passion for festivals & events. I recently graduated from MSc International Festival & Event Management at Edinburgh Napier University. I have 2,5 years of experience in organizing and managing different events including conferences, corporate events, university events and virtual events & festivals.

Why music festivals & events?

I need to say this has changed over time, but there was always a core motivation behind this question, which can sound a little bit cheesy, but I will tell you anyways.

It all happened at my very first music festival - Orange Warsaw Festival in Poland. The rush, excitement, butterflies in the stomach, adrenaline, and more importantly a wave of heat because you just saw Linkin Park on the stage and made your teenage dream come true. I was 15 and I already knew what I want to do in future - I want to be behind the scene and make this magic happen.

That's why I decided to take this irrational journey in my life. That's why I decided to move to the UK, because in Poland we only have 3 festivals during summer and the recognition of the industry is quite poor.

Now, you know who I am, but... the question is WHY am I here?

My ambition is to help students & graduates to crack the music event & festival sector.

I want to guide you through career perspectives,

resources and volunteering possibilities to answer all your questions and equip you with industry knowledge & possible experience to fulfil your dream career path.

👉This will be OUR way to crack music live events & festival industry 👈

HOW am I going to do that?

Every two weeks on Thursdays this column will be appearing on Event Grads website and social media accounts. I want to be here for you and help you with your journey, so if you have any questions please let me know!

I hope this will help you to discover your own journey within the industry and provide essential knowledge to make your future career in live music events & festivals.

If you want to hear more from me - follow me on Instagram


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