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Monthly Review of Music Events, Festivals & Conferences

When I moved to Scotland I started searching for industry events, job opportunities and resources within the music festivals & events sector. I quickly realised that it’s extremely hard to find any information about how to get into industry, what kind of events are worth attending and what kind of roles can you expect.

This lockdown has felt like forever and I wanted to bring you something that you can both attend now and look forward to this year.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been searching for music events, industry events and basically anything related to music festivals & events. I literally have been all over the place.

My research started with a question:

1. Where to find music events & festivals?

My main points were industry news, Instagram accounts & LinkedIn connections - here you can find my sources:

  • Industry news

📰IQ Magazine - Live Music Business Events

📰Access All Areas

📰Music Week

📰Complete Music Update

📰Stand Out Magazine

  • Instagram accounts





  • LinkedIn connections

👩‍💻You can follow and connect with people from specific organizations, music festivals and event agencies

The second question lead me to:

2. What is out there? - live music industry events

👉The Great Escape 12-15 May 2021

👉Event Production Show 26-27 May 2021

👉Production Futures Online 25-27 May 2021

👉Wide Days - Scotland's Music Convention 22-25 July 2021

👉Brighton Music Conference 22-24 September 2021

👉International Festival Forum 28-30 September 2021

👉Event Buyers Live - 29 November - 1st December 2021

The third question was about now. What you can do right now - all industry webinars on-demand and live:

3. Learning opportunities - music industry webinars

💡 Access All Areas Webinars on demand

(Greener Outdoor Events, Building Digital Events, A Ticket for future, How to create COVID-secure events and many more)

💡Virtual Tech Summit - Embracing Music's Smart Future on demand

(Music's New In-Game Experience, Next Generation Music Service,

Re-imagining UGC in the Live Music Industry, Enabling Multi-Experiential Virtual & Ticketed Concerts and many more)

💡CMU Webinars April - May

(Music Copyright In 2021, Making Use of Music, Digital Music In Emerging Markets, Key Music Industry Trends and many more)

💡Concert Business Basics

(How and Idea Becomes a Tour, Promoter Profit versus Deals, Routing, Show Expenses, Tour Budgets, Venues, Office Hours of production touring crew and many more)

💡Recovery Sessions - webinars updating the live music industry

(free to attend for all IQ subscribers)

(dates - 6th May, 10th June, 8th July, 5th August)

💡Born To Be Wide - on demand

Lastly, I wanted to bring some music to your home and make this last days of lockdown brighter with good music that you can find here:

4. Virtual Music Events -

that you can't miss!

🎪 Live at Worthy Farm 22nd May 2021

🎪 Lost Horizon 10th April, 17th April, 15th May, 1st May

🎪 Scruff of the Neck 12th April, 14th April, 19th April, 21st April and many more check their Twitch account!

5. YouTube music channels:

🎵 Sofar Sounds

( I really recommend attending your local Sofar Sound when it will be possible!)

🎵 NPR Music

🎵 Cercle

🎵 Colors

🎵Fly TV - Edinburgh

Let me know how you research the music and live event industry!

For more follow me on Instagram 🤘

#StayTuned, Nat


Natalia graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with passion for music gigs, events & festivals. Natalia has experience within various conferences, events & festivals.

Natalia is an Event Grads blogger with ambition to help students & graduates to crack the music event & festival sector.

You can follow Natalia on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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