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Student Showcase with Hannah Martinson ⚡

Introducing Hannah, final year Event Management student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Hey Hannah! Tell us about yourself and what you study 👋

Hi! I’m Hannah and I have just started my final term studying Event Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I currently work at the Wales Millennium Centre and am counting down the days until they can re-open again.

University wasn’t a natural path for me, while completing my A Levels I still didn’t really know what I wanted to do so decided to head to college and study foundation art. While there I began saving to move to Canada and at Blue Mountain Ski Resort, a white Christmas, skiing lessons and making friends all over the world was amazing. While there things clicked into place and I realised maybe university was for me and quickly drafted a personal statement a few weeks before the deadline and crossed my fingers.

I’ve learnt so much while completing my first and second year. Some of my favourite modules have been marketing for THE which I studied in Welsh, Diversity & Social Inclusion and Major Incident & Crisis Management. Learning about all the planning and preparation that goes into every single event for every possible outcome was so interesting to me and I loved making my own crisis event documents.

Why did you choose to study events, and what are your aspirations?

I feel like everyone in events will say this, but I love family parties. Growing up my parents always went full out no matter the occasion, the Martinson’s threw some awesome parties! I loved buying the décor, making the playlists, setting everything up with my Dad, and cooking all day with Mum. Even in my friend group I’m usually the one dragging everyone to outings, meals, and annual Eurovision parties. Lockdown didn’t stop me either, then came weekly themed quizzes with extra points for best fancy dress!

I’ve been fortunate to work several award and networking events with Grapevine Event Management and have loved that experience. It has given me a better idea of what sector I enjoy. My dream job would be working with Disney on their premiers or at the Warner Bros Studios and getting to go to Hogwarts every day!

What work experience opportunities have you taken advantage of while studying and what did you learn from them? 💫

I enrolled on the Cardiff Met Award, an employability award which focuses on personal development. I’ve now completed this award and the leadership pathway which is a lovely addition on my CV.

Due to the pandemic a lot of the opportunities I have taken part in have been virtual. In 2021 This I applied and was lucky enough to be selected for a Career Assistant role and have now progressed to Lead Careers Assistant. This role has given me the opportunity to pitch my own ideas and then organise, liaise, and create the content for a series of 5 employability webinars. Which opened the doors for me to deliver a webinar on LinkedIn to over 130 students!

I have now been reaching out to local venues and event companies in the hopes of gaining more practical experience and am excited to have some wedding planning experience pencilled in for the end of the month.

How have you had to adapt and adjust during the pandemic? 💻

Online learning has had its ups and downs. I moved home and spent 14 months attending university from my dining room table. I did find online learning made it easier to manage my studies alongside my responsibilities as Course Rep and Careers Assistant. Spending all day everyday with my dog, Celyn, was a huge plus and of course I’ve enjoyed the extra time in bed! However, I am thrilled to be back on campus, even if it is only once or twice a week.

Tell us about your favourite event? 🎪

It’s really hard to pick only one event as my favourite. Attending Glastonbury Festival for the 40th anniversary was amazing as I got to see Muse and the Gorillaz live! Travelling to Manchester and seeing Radiohead was memorable, I got goosebumps while listening to the whole crowd sing Karma Police as they exited the stage.

An event that will always stay with me is heading to Nottingham with my parents for the Playoff Weekend where the Cardiff Devils became Playoff champions for the first time in 19 years. We all went to the pub to celebrate and the team joined us with their medals and trophies!

If you could describe the event industry in one word, what would it be? 🎟️

Diverse – there is an unbelievable variety of events out there that will appeal to anyone and everyone. And that’s what I love about the industry, when you’re at that concert for your favourite band or watching your favourite team play, you’re part of a community.

What advice would you give to other students or aspiring event students? 🎓

Say yes, say yes to every opportunity that presents itself. Whether that’s a university award, course role or volunteering job. Hands on experience really is the best way to find out if that sector is for you. And just like everyone else, network! I love LinkedIn and really enjoy connecting with industry professionals that work for companies I’m interested in. Sending those initial requests can be daunting but the worst that can happen is they click decline! You haven’t lost anything, so send that request.

Thank you Hannah for taking part in the Event Grads Student Showcase! Follow Hannah's journey here: Linkedin | Blog _____ The Student Showcase aims to highlight the incredible talents, resilience, and expertise of event management students. If you would like to contribute to the Event Grads blog, get in touch! E-mail with the subject "Student Showcase" for more information.


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