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Student Showcase with Isabel Joynes ⚡

Introducing Isabel, an Events Management Student at Sheffield Hallam University.

Hey Isabel! Tell us about yourself and what you study 👋

I am an Events Management Student at Sheffield Hallam University currently on a placement year with Emu Events. At the company I work on different types of events although mostly covering the corporate sector, where I logistically manage the before, during and after of the events.

I am fortunate that Emu Events have helped me to flourish as an Event Manager and reinforced my passion for the events industry. Although, I didn’t always know a career in events was for myself, as during sixth form I was set on the idea of completing a Fashion Communication degree but later realised that my A-Levels, of Psychology, English Language and History, were not relevant for this.

After reflection I realised that I really enjoyed my two previous part time jobs, which involved the organisation and implementation of personal events and decided that Events Management would be the perfect degree for myself. At the start of 2021 I decided to launch my event-specific YouTube channel which, currently, I create and edit regular videos for. This year I will be completing my placement before returning to Sheffield for my final year of my degree.

Why did you choose to study events, and what are your aspirations?

Firstly, like I mentioned before, my two previous jobs made me realise that I thrived in planning and executing personal events. Before university, I had also attended a few festivals which I thoroughly enjoyed so this added to my interest in the events industry. Although, it was my strong desire for fashion events that was the driving force behind myself choosing the Events Management degree.

At the time I absolutely adored the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012 fashion show, which included models sitting on a white carousel before elegantly descending onto the circular runway and presenting the stunning collection. This event has absolutely inspired my dream job of creating and implementing fashion events where I will be able to enhance designer’s collections through the power of set designs and unique events.

What have you learned and enjoyed most about your course? 📚

At university I had the privilege of working with the shared experience company, TRO where I was able to learn lots of insightful information about experiential campaigns that I will definitely be able to apply to future events. In particular, I was able to learn in depth about costing and budgeting, as well as real timings for when a brief is received and when a full pitch should be completed. Although this module was challenging for a number of reasons, it definitely helped me to grow into a stronger Event Manager.

What work experience opportunities have you taken advantage of while studying and what did you learn from them? 💫

My university encouraged students to attend The Meetings Show 2020, where I heard Samantha Salisbury speak for the first time and she inspired myself to create an event-specific Instagram account and begin focusing on personal branding. This account has enabled me to meet lots of amazing Event Students and Event Professionals, and overall lead myself to join some really wonderful event communities.

I then took the next step and created my own event-specific YouTube channel to help other students and people who were considering taking the course as I realised there was a lack of students speaking about their events degrees on YouTube.

After a year of having this channel, I have learned so much through the research for these videos and also had many messages from people who needed clarity on what the events management course/industry is all about. Furthermore, I have become more tech savvy and have also worked with a graphic designer to create my own logo to enhance my personal branding.

Outside of university I have had amazing opportunities that I have been fortunate enough to work on. Firstly, in January 2020 I had the opportunity of gaining work experience at CJS Events with the running of a Police ICT Conference and Exhibition which lasted three days.

Another opportunity I had was in June 2021 where I volunteered for Emu Events with the running of the Lady Bay Festival. From my volunteering, I was fortunate enough to be offered a placement at Emu Events which was so overwhelming at the time as I never thought I would achieve a placement due to the difficulties that the pandemic had evoked.

In this company I am working on some amazing events and I have learned many fundamental skills for being a successful Event Manager. The company has also allowed me to go on several FAM trips and also attend IBTM World 2021 which have all been great learning and networking experiences. My placement has definitely been the most useful experience so far for my career.

How have you had to adapt and adjust during the pandemic? 💻

The shift to online learning during the pandemic wasn’t ideal however I decided not to dwell on this and chose to do as much extra research and work as possible. I attended as many virtual events as I could like virtual fashion shows and virtual sustainability events. I also attended lots of networking events to compensate for not being able to network in person, and one in particular that was really useful was the Future #Eventprofs Connect.

If you could describe the event industry in one word, what would it be? 🎟️

Evolving. In the way that the events industry is constantly adapting and progressing into bigger and better forms. This creates a competitive and inspiring environment in the industry, which I enjoy!

What advice would you give to other students or aspiring event students? 🎉

Take as much work experience as possible, make action plans for the future but make sure you learn and take positives out of everything you do!

Thank you Isabel for taking part in the Event Grads Student Showcase!

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The Student Showcase aims to highlight the incredible talents, resilience, and expertise of event management students.

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